The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom was once a God fearing nation known for great men like Charles Spurgeon, William Carey, Hudson Taylor, and others who sought to evangelize the world.  They wanted to share the good news of Jesus Christ so that the world through Him might be saved.  Many of the great writers and theologians that we study after today came from the United Kingdom.

Sadly today the people of the United Kingdom have forgotten these men and the God they served.  They are no longer guided by the Light of the world, but rather blinded by the darkness of unbelief and false doctrine.  People are searching for something and are turning to Islam, Wicca, and Catholicism to fill their void.  There has even been an atheist church started in England while the few remaining Bible preaching churches are closing their doors.

Our burden is to restore hope in the United Kingdom.  We want to tell today’s generation of the Savior that has been forgotten in their land and help them to see that He is the way, the truth, and the life.

The Lord has led us to begin the work He has called us to do in South Wales.