About Our Family & Our Burden

Dear Pastor and church,

I would like to take some time to introduce myself and share with you the burden that is upon my family’s heart. My name is Bro. Preston Cronan and I am a member of the Calvary Baptist Church in Tunnel Hill, GA. I grew up in church and at twelve years old went to the altar and made a profession of salvation. For years I sang, played instruments, prayed with others, testified, and helped teach Sunday school but I was living a lie. For a long time, I pretended to know God and deceived all those around me including myself. At the age of twenty-four, shortly after I was married, during a church service at South Cohutta Baptist Church, God convicted my heart and showed me I needed Him. I made my way to that old wooden altar and said some very simple words, “Lord, save me.” That morning He did just what I asked, He saved me and I’ve never been the same.

I thank God for loving me enough to save me and to save my family. Not long after I was saved my wife, Wendy, realized she had also been deceived and the Lord saved her. Our house began to turn into a home. August 10thof 2014, my daughter at ten years old came to know the Lord. May 3rd of 2015 during a Sunday night service, my son at seven years old asked the Lord to save him. I prayed for God to save my children at an early age, keep them from being exposed to the world as I was, and to make them into much better people than I’ve ever been. I am thankful that He has been faithful thus far to my prayer.

The Lord has truly blessed me despite my faults and I want to be faithful to Him.  I surrendered to the call on my life to preach in October of 2009.  I have been a deacon, Sunday school teacher, youth director, church clerk, assistant treasurer, song leader, instrument player, singer, and a pastor but never saw myself being a missionary.  The Lord began to burden me over the people of the United Kingdom and my heart started to change. As I thought on it and prayed, the burden quickly became one that my whole family shares and I realized He was calling me to these people.

God gave me this verse, “Now there arose a new king over Egypt, which knew not Joseph.” The United Kingdom was once a great God fearing nation. Many great men of God were sent out to evangelize the world and most of the great writers that we read after today came from the United Kingdom, but now those men and the God they served have been forgotten. Sadly now the great light that once shinned for Christ in this place has all but gone out. Churches are closing weekly due to the lack of attendance and leadership. The largest denominations that call themselves Christian in the UK are the Church of England, Catholics, and Pentecostals.  A majority of those that claim to be Christian do not show any fruit or practice what they claim to believe. Only around 3% of the population attend any type of church. Islam is rapidly growing and predicted to become the dominate belief by 2021. 55% of the people do not believe that God exists and there has even been an atheist church started in England. A majority of the people believe the Bible is just a collection of fictional stories that holds no real truth. Throughout the United Kingdom there are only around 40 good Bible preaching churches at this time. There is a great need to restore the Blessed Hope in the UK.

We want to see God use us to reach the people with the Gospel and He has opened the door for us to begin our ministry in the country of Wales. There are only estimated to be around 10-12 fundamental Baptist Bible preaching churches for the three million people in Wales. 77% of the people there claim no practicing religious faith whatsoever. A majority of them know nothing about Jesus Christ and are very closed off to the Gospel. They are headed to Hell and do not even know it. Someone must go and tell them about a Savior that loves them and wants to save them from this awful place, and I am thankful that God has chosen our family.

Our family is broken over the people in the United Kingdom. While visiting there God confirmed that Wales is the place He wants us to begin. We were able to get involved in the work and preach to the people. My wife and I were both in tears when we had to pack our bags and leave to come back to the states. We long to get back and get busy in the work God has called us to do. The harvest in the United Kingdom is plenteous and there is much to do, we hope that you will partner with our family in seeing the light restored in the UK.

We are being sent out of Calvary Baptist Church in Tunnel Hill, GA where Bro.Tony Hyatt is our pastor.  After much prayer about a missions agency the Lord led us to be part of The Gospel Preacher Association.  They are centered out of the Galilean Baptist Church in Lawrenceville, GA and they have been a great blessing and help to our family.  I am thankful for our church and the missions agency the Lord has allowed us to be part of.


Bro. Preston Cronan & Family